The GROW Program is Granting Recreational Opportunity Wishes.

We have taken on the challenge to divert today's youth away from negative influences.


What is

Looking for financial assistance for your child to join a recreational activity? Download the application with the link below and reach out. The NJA GROW Program associate will contact you after receipt.

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We are looking to expand our affiliation with local programs throughout San Diego County. Please contact us for more information.

July 28, 2018

$50 a year for this exact space. 

You submit a design to fit this blue square or let us put something together for you.
 "Have big dreams, you will grow into them."                                                  - Anonymous
The NJA, GROW Program believes in making recreational activities available as a positive alternative to the negative influences facing our youth every day. We believe that the children thrive in environments in which they feel they belong and the activity spikes their growing interest.

Unfortunately, activities like dance, music, art and theater are not being funded through the local school districts and any after school programs for these classes and other like science, math and sports, cost more money than the average family can afford. Therefore, The NJA is standing up to the challenge to help provide our youth with these opportunities to expand their horizons and to explore their potential.


Free family event!

Pinwheel Festival and National Dance Day Celebration!